Mackenzie Brown is a singer, songwriter, musician, and performer from West Orange, NJ. Born into a musical family, Mackenzie has been singing for all of her life. She grew up with roots in rock music with her parents playing Bruce Springsteen, Jackson Browne, Fleetwood Mac, and Bonnie Raitt. She picked up new influences in rock and pop along the way, but always pulls from her roots.

She learned to read music and play piano at age 8, and picked up the guitar at 14. Shortly after she could play a single chord, she started writing her own music and lyrics on colorful index cards in her room at home. 

Mackenzie started her professional music career working with Ray Andersen, developing her style of songwriting, recording, and most of all, how to work with and learn from other musicians. In 2015, Mackenzie made a move to Asbury Park in order to work at Lakehouse Music Academy to teach group classes, private lessons, and music theory for students.

It was at Lakehouse that she made a strong network of talented musicians that she still collaborates with on songwriting and record making. Jon Leidersdorff, Erik Kase Romero, and the members of the Deal Casino band, among others, have been supportive of her and her music from the beginning, and have helped her to grow in writing, stage presence, and musicianship. 

During these first two years in Asbury Park, Mackenzie developed her own unique sound, created her band MACK (consisting of Connor Faleski, Andrew Conti and Brett DeVesty) and wrote and recorded two EPs, "Balance" and "Circles". The 4-piece band's sound is best described as rock, where Fleetwood Mac meets Paramore.

MACK performs regularly in New Jersey and in New York City.